Behind The Scenes with Lexi G, Scene #01
It's straight to the action this week as Lexi's behind-the-scenes action opens with Lexi wearing Jon Rogue's dick for a hat as she prepares to GREET THE MEAT. Randy opens up with a surprisingly not well-known FUN FACT (at least not well-known by our young, 20-year-old Gangbang Queen), but then the rest of the Cocksmen decide to pile-on for fun. Lexi makes her way around all the Cocksmen, reliving her high school days when she used to suck off the guys in the stairwells at school. The Cocksmen play a new game where two of them stick their dicks in each of Lexi's ears while she sucks another so it looks like she is on an olde tyme phone. They call it, 'Reach Out and Suck Someone.' Lexi's segment of GREET THE MEAT wraps up with an abbreviated COCKTOPUS/SUCK-NADO combo before Eddie sweeps her up in his arms to show Lexi back to the Gangbang Station for her FIRST GANGBANG EVER! You've seen it, yes? If not, cue that masterpiece up and make sure not to overstimulate yourself, because this one is a scorcher! Lexi's kink way outpaces her age. You have to see it to believe it. We weren't able to explore all her extreme sexual desires in just this one gangbang. We're probably going to need her back for a second. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments and join us again next week for another sexy entry in the ever-expanding GangbangCreampie library!

lexi scenes the with scene 01

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